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 China Adoption Travel Tips
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by Sherry Honeycutt Hatfield,
International Chinese adoption is a wonderful way to build families. Traveling to adopt your child is a unique opportunity to begin bonding on their native soil. Preparedness and caution should be exercised in all international travel, but also take time to enjoy the country of your child's birth. With careful planning, the China adoption trip can be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Phone/Email - China Adoption trips

Before traveling, check with your phone carrier to see if service is available in China. Email service is available in most hotels and many internet coffee shops in China's larger cities.

Medical - China Adoption trips

According to Adoption.State.gov, it is important to confirm your insurance coverage before traveling because you may need to purchase additional protection for overseas travel. Refill all maintenance medications. Be sure of your blood type, just in case. Pack an infant's or children's fever reducer and a thermometer.


Fees - China Adoption trips

Adoptive parents who have received an approval notice from CCAA titled "Notice of Coming to China for Adoption" are ready to head to China to adopt their child. The DoS explains the fees that must be paid before adoption is finalized include the authentication of all documents at $10 a document, an initial CCAA fee of $375 plus $200 for document translation, $25 for the child's Chinese passport, as well as fees for adoption registration,a notarized birth certificate, a donation to the orphanage and fee for caring for the child and charges for speeding up the various processes. This is in addition to any adoption agency fees.

Packing - China Adoption trips

Use Fwcc.org/climate, to check weather conditions in China and pack accordingly. The most important thing to remember is not to over pack. On the return trip you will have a child and possibly many souvenirs to carry. Hotels should have laundry service, so pack only a few days' worth of clothing. Luggage should be equipped with wheels. Take an extra nylon or canvas bag, folded flat in your suitcase to use for bringing home purchases from China. Pack non-perishable snacks for you and your child in zipper style plastic bags, and bring extras for wet items. Use gift bags for gifting Chinese officials, these also fold flat. Smaller Chinese cities may not sell disposable diapers, so pack enough to last until you reach Guangzhou where more may be purchased. Buy clothing according to the most recent weight of your child.

Wear a Money Bel - - China Adoption trips

Purchase a comfortable money belt. Keep it on you underneath your shirt at all times, or leave it in the safe inside your hotel room. Currency exchange can be handled in China. Many establishments accept United States currency, but some smaller restaurants and taxis do not. Credit cards are accepted at larger hotels, but most places only deal in cash. A necklace-style passport holder is essential. According to FamiliesWithChildrenFromChina.org, it is dangerous to carry a fanny pack, purse or to keep your wallet in a pocket.

Accommodations for Your Child - China Adoption trips

Install a car seat in your vehicle before you travel, in preparation for the ride home. Umbrella strollers fold easily and can be carried or hooked to luggage as you travel through various airport terminals. In China, the use of a stroller is a necessity, as there will be much walking.

Drinking Water - China Adoption trips

Do not drink the water in China. Buy bottled water or use the boiling system most major hotels supply in each room. Use only bottled or boiled water to brush your teeth. Do not swallow water in the shower.
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