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USChinaTrip.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of KDCAL Travel. KDCAL Travel is registered as a seller of travel with the sate of California. Seller of Travel Registration Number is 2077396-40. Our Headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. We have branches located in San Francisco and Beijing. Besides handling normal travel agency activities, we also provide online travel services to more efficiently meet the needs of travelers. We have an extensive product range including: airline tickets, tour packages, hotels, visa and airport transfer services. The everyday airfare hot deals provide the lowest airfares from most major airlines. Based upon 15 years of heritage in the travel industry, USChinaTrip.com is one of the leading online travel agencies specializing in travel between America and China.
Our Mission Statement
  • Save money on your annual travel spending by using our agent-assisted E-commerce.
  • Provide you the best services, the highest quality tours, the most convenient flights and the best quality hotels with the most competitive price.
  • Our travel team combines the assets of both latest information technologies and traditional travel organizations, offering a unique combination of travel expertise and innovative attitude of the leaders in online travel. We're always working for you to ensure you have the best travel experience ever!
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