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Visiting: Beijing(4 nts), Urumqi(3 nts), Turpan(1 nts), Dunhuang(2 nts)
Value: ★★★★★
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Silk Road: Silk Road was opened by Zhang Qian of Han Dynasty. It starts from Xi'an via Gansu and Xinjiang to Middle Asia and west Asia and also connected the land route-ways of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Because among the products from the east to the west, the silk is most influential, so this road was called Silk Road, and this road basically fixed in the period of West Han dynasty and East Han dynasty and included southern road, middle road and northern road. Silk Road is one historical trade road across the Eurasian continent. It improves the friendly relationships between China and other countries of Asia, Europe and Africa. China is the hometown of silk, during this special trade road; the silk is the best representative. In the end period of Ming Dynasty, the sea Silk Road and northwest Silk Road appeared at the same time.

Dunhuang Cave Art : In the late 3rd and early 4th centuries, Serving as the westernmost fort of the early Tang Dynasty, Dunhuang was not only a key trading post situated on the "Silk Road" but also the military headquarters for the operations in the Western Regions. Foreign merchants and monks from the West as well as officials and soldiers from central China brought their own cultures to Dunhuang and made the trading center a cultural "melting pot." The economic, military, political and cultural activities which took place at this cross-roads provided the basis for the flourishing of one of China's earliest Buddhist centers.Most Buddhist monks came to China from India and Central Asia by way of the Silk Road. As the westernmost Chinese station on the route, Dunhuang became the ideal place for these foreign monks to learn the Chinese language and culture before entering central China. Foreign monks and their Chinese disciples formed the earliest Buddhist communities at Dunhuang in the late 3rd and early 4th centuries. Many Buddhist sutras were translated at Dunhuang and then distributed into central China.

Great Wall: Like a giant dragon snaking its way 4000 miles across China's northern borders, the Great Wall stands today as a bastion of culture in the hearts and minds of the Chinese people. Constructed in 220 BC, this sprawling defense system was originally built to protect against northern invaders, but stands today as one of the world's greatest wonders. As you climb its ancient steps, pause to admire sweeping views of China's ever-changing landscapes.

Forbidden City: Built in 1406 to 1420, the complex consists of 980 buildings with roughly 9,000 bays of rooms and covers 720,000 m2 (7,800,000 sq ft). The palace complex exemplifies traditional Chinese palatial architecture, and has influenced cultural and architectural developments in East Asia and elsewhere. The Forbidden City was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987, and is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world.The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the middle of Beijing, China, and now houses the Palace Museum. For almost five hundred years, it served as the home of emperors and their households, as well as the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government.

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Visiting: Beijing(4 nts), Urumqi(3 nts), Turpan(1 nts), Dunhuang(2 nts)

Journey to the ancient world of the Silk Road, filled with marvelously diverse landscapes and exotic cultures. Highlights include Dunhuang's Mogao Grottoes, the oasis town of Urumqi and the centuries-old Buddhist frescoes in the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves.
Date: 3 /30/2011 ~ 10/05/2011
Main Features: World famous silkroad , Air tickets, Fine Dining, Special Entertainment, Sightseeing, Travel Protections, 5star hotels and more...
Itinerary:   fligts bus (B- Breakfast L- Lunch D- Dinner)
AB=American Breakfast | CB=Chinese Breakfast | B=Breakfast | L=Lunch | D=Dinner
DP=Dinner Party| DH=Dinner at Hotel | DS=Dinner and Show

Day 1 | USA~Beijing         (AB) 
Arrive in the nation's capital and check in to our deluxe accommodations and enjoy a good night's rest.
Hotel: Beijing - Crown Plaza Wangfujing Hotel ★★★★★

Day 2 | Beijing       (AB,L,DP)   
We begin our exploration of Beijing's rich imperial heritage at the world-famous Tiananmen Square, the world's largest public square. Continue on to the Forbidden City, an enormous palace complex so-called because it was off-limits to the public for over 500 years. Admire the imperial splendor of the palace grounds and browse royal treasures in the Palace Museum, then visit the Summer Palace. An imperial retreat, the Summer Palace is lined with graceful arched bridges and wispy trees surrounding Kunming Lake. Later on, we stop for photos at the 2008 Beijing Olympic sites, Bird's Nest and Water Cube. This evening, we feast on a local specialty that can't be missed when in Beijing – a sumptuous Peking Duck Banquet.
Hotel: Beijing - Crown Plaza Wangfujing Hotel ★★★★★

Day 3 | Beijing      (AB,L,DH)     
Arrive at China's best-known attraction, the Great Wall of China. Created piecemeal over a period of 2,000 years, this sprawling defense system snakes its way 4,000 miles across China’s northern borders like an imperial dragon. Ascend the wall and trek across its ancient pathways, admiring the sweeping panoramas of China's rugged mountains and valleys. Afterward we continue on to the Sacred Way, a "divine road" leading to the imperial Ming Tombs at the foot of the picturesque Tianshou Moutain.
Hotel: Beijing - Crown Plaza Wangfujing Hotel ★★★★★

Day 4 | Beijing -Urumqi       (AB, L, DH)  
Begin our journey to the ancient world of the Silk Road as we board a flight to Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the world's most 'inland' city (furthest from an ocean). A lush green oasis admidst Xinjiang's barren landscape, Urumqi is also home to a number of colorful ethnic minorities. Upon arrival, we visit Hongshan (Red Mountain) Park and enjoy the marvelous vistas of the diverse landscape.
Hotel: Urumqi - Mirage Hotel ★★★★★
Day 5 | Urumqi      (AB,L,D)   
Drive east of Urumqi to the crescent-shaped Heavenly Lake (Tianchi), where cool alpine meadows offer a welcome respite from the desert heat. Enjoy a peaceful cruise along the lake, then visit the newly-renovated Xinjiang Museum, which boasts a wealth of artifacts from the Silk Road’s rich history. Continue on to stroll through a colorful open-air bazaar, where we can sample some local snacks and browse traditional ethnic handicrafts unique to the region.
Hotel:  Urumqi - Mirage Hotel ★★★★★
Day 6 | Urumqi -Turpan       (AB,L,DS)  
Depart by motorcoach to the legendary oasis town of Turpan. Situated over 500 feet below sea level, it is the second lowest depression in the world (after the Dead Sea) and the hottest spot in China. Drive by the Flaming Mountain, so-called because its deep-red rocks have known to reach fiery temperatures. Arrive at the ancient ruins of Jiaohe, the largest, oldest and best-preserved earthen city in the world. Wander through this 2300-year old archaeological wonder then drive back to Turpan. Along the way, stop by lush fields of sweet grapes and enjoy lunch, sampling some of the freshly-picked fruits. Back in Turpan we visit the Karez underground irrigation system, a feat in ancient engineering. Later this evening, we enjoy a traditional roast lamb dinner followed by a Minority Folklore Dance Show.
Hotel: Turpan - Tuha Petroleum Hotel★★★★★
Day 7 | Turpan -Urumqi       (AB, L, D)   
After breakfast, we drive to Urumqi, stopping along the way to survey the ancient ruins of the 1st century city of Gaochang and the Astana Ancient Tombs. Browse the historical relics, including mummies and paintings, then continue on to the nearby Bezeklik Thousand Buddhist Caves, situated in a ravine deep in the Flaming Mountains. Admire the centuries-old Buddhist frescoes and inscriptions, then continue on our drive to Urumqi.
Hotel: Urumqi - Mirage Hotel ★★★★★
Day 8 | Urumqi -Dunhuang       (AB, L, D)  
Fly to Dunhuang (Blazing Beacon) and step into a landscape of lush, green fields and rolling sand dunes. A critical junction of the Silk Road in the Han Dynasty, Dunhuang was a highway for goods as well as ideas. Upon arrival, we embark on a sightseeing tour to the Singing Sand Hills, aptly named for the audible roars created from the friction of undulating dunes. Continue on to Crescent Moon Springs, a natural wonder amid the sand dunes of the Gobi Desert, then complete our day with a visit to the Dunhuang City Museum. This evening, we enjoy a colorful Minority Show following dinner.
Hotel: Dunhuang - The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel ★★★★
Day 9 | Dunhuang      (AB, L, DH)  
Embark on a city tour beginning with a visit to the Mogao Caves, one of the Silk Road's legendary landmarks. The caves showcase the world’s most extensive collection of Buddhist paintings and sculptures, spanning over a period of 1000 years of superb Buddhist art. Continue on to visit the White Horse Padoga and Dunhuang Film City, a film set created in 1987 to resemble the ancient city of Dunhuang.
Hotel: Dunhuang - The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel ★★★★
Day 10 | Dunhuang -Beijing      (AB)     
Our Silk Road adventure has reached its end as we board a flight to Beijing. Upon arrival we have the remainder of the day to explore the city on our own.
Hotel: Beijing - Crown Plaza Wangfujing Hotel ★★★★★
Day 11 | Beijing~USA or Hongkong      (AB)   
Depart this fascinating land on our international homebound flight or extend our China experience with a side trip to Hong Kong.

Price List :

Departure Date

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$1899 $700 $500
04/20, 05/18, 07/13,08/10 $1999 $800 $500
09/07, 10/05

1) Air tickets price are based on SFO/LAX departure.

2) Departure from JFK, add $100.00 on air tickets.

3) Departure from other cities, please call 1-800-282-7108 or 1-909-895-8858 for rate.

Fare excluding: $150 government imposed taxes and fees, including the September 11th security fee.  Additional baggage charges may apply.China visa fee and personal expenses.

The hotels are 4/5 stars. We reserve the rights of changing hotel at the same class.

Preferred rate is only valid if booked outside of 60 days prior to departure and has limited availability.  Rates are based on Air China and are guaranteed once full payment is received.

AB=American Breakfast | B=Breakfast | L=Lunch | D=Dinner
DP=Dinner Party| DH=Dinner at Hotel | DS=Dinner and Show

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Hotel City: Beijing BeijingCrowne Plaza Wangfujing
Address: 48, Wangfujing Ave, Dongcheng Dist, Beijing China. 100006
Tel: 86-10-5911-9999
Web:(Click here)

Hotel City: Urumqi
Mirage Hotel

Address:No.305, North Xinhua Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang 830002
Tel: (86-991) 293 7888

Web: click here


Hotel City: Turpan
Tuha Petroleum Hotel

Address: No.230 Wenhua Road, Turpan 838000
Tel: (86) 995 8666 666


Hotel City: Dunhuang
The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel

Address: Dunyuet Road, Dunhuang City 736200 Gansu, China
Tel: (86 937) 888 2088


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