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Ancient Silk Road - 15 Days(KDGLS15E)

Visiting: Shanghai, Urumqi, Turpan, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Lanzhou, Xian – 15Days
  Code: KDGLS15E
Value: ★★★★★
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Silk Road: Silk Road was opened by Zhang Qian of Han Dynasty. It starts from Xi'an via Gansu and Xinjiang to Middle Asia and west Asia and also connected the land route-ways of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Because among the products from the east to the west, the silk is most influential, so this road was called Silk Road, and this road basically fixed in the period of West Han dynasty and East Han dynasty and included southern road, middle road and northern road. Silk Road is one historical trade road across the Eurasian continent. It improves the friendly relationships between China and other countries of Asia, Europe and Africa. China is the hometown of silk, during this special trade road; the silk is the best representative. In the end period of Ming Dynasty, the sea Silk Road and northwest Silk Road appeared at the same time.

Dunhuang Cave Art : In the late 3rd and early 4th centuries, Serving as the westernmost fort of the early Tang Dynasty, Dunhuang was not only a key trading post situated on the "Silk Road" but also the military headquarters for the operations in the Western Regions. Foreign merchants and monks from the West as well as officials and soldiers from central China brought their own cultures to Dunhuang and made the trading center a cultural "melting pot." The economic, military, political and cultural activities which took place at this cross-roads provided the basis for the flourishing of one of China's earliest Buddhist centers.Most Buddhist monks came to China from India and Central Asia by way of the Silk Road. As the westernmost Chinese station on the route, Dunhuang became the ideal place for these foreign monks to learn the Chinese language and culture before entering central China. Foreign monks and their Chinese disciples formed the earliest Buddhist communities at Dunhuang in the late 3rd and early 4th centuries. Many Buddhist sutras were translated at Dunhuang and then distributed into central China.

Terra Cotta Warriors: Buried in the mausoleum of China's First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, the Terracotta Warriors are one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. The standing army of life-size warriors was commissioned by Qin to enforce his rule over the afterlife. They remained buried underground until 1974 when farmers digging a well unearthed a terracotta head. Since then, the famed Terracotta Warriors have been attracting thousands of visitors worldwide who come to witness this spectacular piece of China's historic past.

Great Wall: Like a giant dragon snaking its way 4000 miles across China's northern borders, the Great Wall stands today as a bastion of culture in the hearts and minds of the Chinese people. Constructed in 220 BC, this sprawling defense system was originally built to protect against northern invaders, but stands today as one of the world's greatest wonders. As you climb its ancient steps, pause to admire sweeping views of China's ever-changing landscapes.

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Highlights Price includes:
Urumqi:Tianshan, Heavenly Lake (Tianchi), Provincial Museum; Turpan:Karez Wells, Ancient City Ruins of Gaochang, Flaming Mountain, Xinjiang Folklore Performance; Dunhuang:Mogao Grottoes, Yangguan Pass, Dunhuang Museum, Humming Sandy Mountain, Crescent Moon Springs Jiayuguan:Jiayuguan Pass (western end of the Great Wall) Lanzhou:Yellow River Bridge, Bingling Temple; Xian:Huashan Mountain, Terra Cotta Army, Ancient City Wall, Tang Dynasty Stage Show
Date: 5 /24/2011 ~ 10/05/2011
Main Features:Special cuisines, Special Entertainment, Sightseeing, Travel Protections, 5star hotels and more...
Itinerary: Cruise fligts bus (B- Breakfast L- Lunch D- Dinner)

Day 1 | USA ~ Shanghai          
Your China journey begins with a transpacific flight to Shanghai.

Day 2 | Shanghai         
You arrive in the Shanghai, the largest metropolitan city in Asia. You will be met by your tour guide and transferred to your hotel.
Hotel: Shanghai - Central Hotel ★★★★

Day 3 | Shanghai ~ Urumqi      (B,L,D)      
Today you fly west across the country to Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Province. Urumqi has the distinction of being the farthest city from the sea! Spend the rest of the day at your own leisure before heading to a dinner of local cuisine.
Hotel: Urumqi - Hongfu Hotel ★★★★★

Day 4 | Urumqi ~ Turpan ~ Urumqi       (B, L, D)  
Today begins your first step onto the famous Silk Road. Established over 2000 years ago, this well traveled path connected silk and spice traders from China to Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, the Black Sea, and the Roman Empire. You start your journey with a drive to Turpan, a desert renowned for its grapes and honeydews. There you visit the Karez Wells, an ancient underground irrigation system that brings melted snow from Mt. Tianshan. Continuing on your tour, you visit the once prosperous ancient cities of Gaochang. These former cities of thousands have been deserted ever since being destroyed by Genghis Khan. While there, the literary folk on our tour might be interested in seeing the Flaming Mountain from the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. Before returning to Urumqi, you are treated to a dinner of roast lamb and a Xinjiang folklore performance.
Hotel: Urumqi - Hongfu Hotel ★★★★★
Day 5 | Urumqi (Mt.Tianshan)      (B,L,D)   
After a visit to Mt. Tianshan you travel on to visit a provincial museum, where we can learn about the 13 ethnic groups that live in the Xinjiang province. You then drive 70 miles to the placid Tianchi, translated as “Heavenly Lake." This lake is 6,000 feet above sea level and is aptly named for its green pastures, virgin conifer forests, and snowy mountains. Later return to Urumqi.
Hotel: Urumqi - Hongfu Hotel ★★★★★
Day 6 | Urumqi~Dunhuang (Yangguan, Humming Sandy Mountain, Crescent Moon Springs)      (B,L,D)  
Board your morning flight to Dunhuang, one of the most historic destinations along the Silk Road. This area is also the center of Buddhist art, when in 1900; long hidden carvings, documents, embroideries, and paintings left by ancient monks were discovered in the area's grottos. Attractions today include the ruins of Yangguan, the Humming Sandy Mountain, and the Crescent Moon Springs. Why not take an optional camel ride through the area before heading to your hotel?
Hotel: Dunhuang - The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel ★★★★
Day 7 | Dunhuang (Mogao Grottoes)      (B, L, D)   
Today you visit the world famous Mogao Grottoes on the edge of the Gobi Desert. Designated an UNESCO World Heritage site, these grottoes, dating from the 4th to the 14th centuries, are China’s oldest Buddhist grottoes. Housed in the 492 cave temples are over 2,400 sculptures and 45,000 square meters of frescoes. Later, you will continue your visit to the Dunhuang Museum.
Hotel: Dunhuang - The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel ★★★★
Day 8 | Dunhuang ~ Jiayuguan       (B, L, D)  
The morning begins with a drive to Jiayuguan Pass, which is the western end of the Great Wall of China. You get the opportunity to visit this vital stronghold of military defense before heading to your hotel in Jiayuguan.
Hotel: Jiayuguan - Jiayuguan Hotel★★★★
Day 9 | Jiayuguan ~ Lanzhou      (B, L, D)  
Start the day with a city tour of Jiayuguan before boarding your overnight train for Lanzhou, known as the “City of Fruits” in the evening.
Hotel: Lanzhou - Legend Hotel ★★★★
Day 10 | Lanzhou      (B, L, D)     
Travel by coach to Liujiaxia Hydropower Station and then take a cruise to visit Bingling Temple, whose grottoes rest at the end of the reservoir. There you can see how gracefully the Yangtze River runs through the city. Following this visit, head to the Yellow River Bridge, before eating a dinner of local specialties and retiring to your hotel.
Hotel: Lanzhou - Legend Hotel ★★★★
Day 11 | Lanzhou ~ Xi'an      (B, L, D)   
Board your plane to Xian, the ancient capital of China of 1,100 years. There you will visit the ancient city walls in the afternoon and will enjoy an entertaining Tang Dynasty stage show in the evening.
Hotel: Xian - Sheraton Hotel ★★★★★
Day 12 | Xi'an ~ Mt. Huashan ~ Xi'an      (B, L, D)   
Today you drive to the Huashan mountain range, one of the five holy mountains of China. Ascend to the top of the mountain for a breathtaking view of the five peaks and the Yellow River. Afterwards, descend the mountain and return to your hotel in Xian.
Hotel: Xian - Sheraton Hotel ★★★★★
Day 13 | Xi'an ~ Shanghai      (B, L, D)   
Today is the day that you visit Xian's most famous attraction, the Terra Cotta Army. This massive clay army, consisting of some 8,000 life sized clay infantrymen, archers, and cavalry men, each with distinct faces, were created to guard the tomb of the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. Concealed for thousands of years, this massive tomb was not discovered until 1974, when local farmers stumbled upon this landmark while digging a well. Much of the tomb remains buried; if you’re lucky, you might even see some archeologists working to excavate the rest of this historical site. After leaving the army, board your flight to Shanghai.
Hotel: Shanghai - Central Hotel ★★★★
Day 14 | Shanghai      (B)   
Visit the Shanghai World Expo Memorial Park, site of the world expo held in 2010 in the morning. Later you are free to explore Shanghai yourselves or join an optional tour.
Hotel: Shanghai - Central Hotel ★★★★
Day 15 | Shanghai~ USA      (B)   
Say so long to China and board your flight home or to your next destination.

Price List :

Departure Date

Ending Date

Land only*

Single Supplement

05/24, 06/24, 08/21,

06/07,07/08,09/04 $2699 $700
09/03, 10/05 09/17, 10/19 $2899 $700

*Some destinations on this program are located at and altitude of 5,500 ft or higher, visitors with high blood pressure, respiratory, or heart problems are advised to consult their doctors before applying. Customers are expected to understand the risks that are involved, and it would be best for them to reconsider their travel plans.

*You may choose to stay behind in China, Hong Kong, or stop over in other cities in Asia. Hotel and other services are available for an additional charge. Please ask your agent for details.

* Land only prices include China domestic air ticket,tax,and fuel charge
* Children under 11 years of age can share a room with two adult but will not be provided with an extra bed.Their price is 75% of adult price.

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Hotel City: Shanghai
Shanghai Central Hotel

Address: Jiujiang Road, Shanghai 200001, China
Tel: 86-21-53965000
Fax: 86-21-53965128
Web:(Click here)

Hotel City: Urumqi
Urumqi Hongfu Hotel

No.160, Wuyi Road,Urumqi, China,830000
tel: 86-991-5881588
fax: 86-991-5823188
Web:(Click here)

Hotel City: Dunhuang
The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel

Address: Dunyuet Road, Dunhuang City 736200 Gansu, China
Tel: (86 937) 888 2088


Hotel City: Jiayuguan
Jiayuguan Hotel
No.1 Xinhua North Road, Jiayuguan 735100, China

Hotel City: Lanzhou
Legend Hotel
529 Tianshui South Road Lanzhou, Gansu, 730000 China
tel:(86-931) 853 2888
fax:(86-931) 853 2333
Web:(Click here)

Hotel City: Xian
Sheraton Xian Hotel

No. 262 Feng Hao East Rd Xian, Shaanxi 710077 China
Tel: 86 -29 8426 1888
Web:(Click here)
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